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       Non Mihi, Non Tibi, Sed Nobis

  (Not for Me, Not for You, But for US)


In September, 2018, the Hard Knocks Schoolhouse started its journey to bring quality training and merchandise to its clients and friends. It was time. The goal remains the same, provide quality training to U.S. government and corporate personnel. HKS provides a well-rounded, unadulterated, and unconventional training experience that focuses on the realistic approach to problem solving and meeting your objectives. When dealing with adversity, and times of crisis, we must keep in mind at all times that "hope is not a viable option", and we must prepare to succeed before we go out the door each day.


HKS is owned and operated by retired Federal Agents. Their dedicated their lives to taking the "bad guy" off the street making those neighborhoods a little safer for those who remained.  The motto "Non Mihi, Non Tibi, Sed Nobis " came from their experiences and beliefs that everything they did, they did for each other. Often placing others before themselves, it was often a life of self sacrifice. In the end, it was about the number one goal; the ability to better protect yourself, your teammates, and your family so you can reach the number one goal at the end of every day ˗ going home safely to your loved ones.

AT HKS, we focus on the good, but primarily on the bad and the ugly. We are represented by some of the most experienced professionals available. The belief is,  we continue to serve and train others passing on years of experience and the "Old School" mentality of putting others before yourself, and how to survive a life of sacrifice.


Our goal with our line of merchandise is the same as with our training mission, to provide quality products at an affordable price because we know how hard you work for your money. We know when you choose to spend money on our gear, it's not a decision made without thought, and we appreciate your support and belief in our mission.


Please take the time to browse not only this website but to see services we provide and what we most pride ourselves in doing. Continuing to serve those to help keep you safe so you can go home to your family every night..

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